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  • Roundtable Breakfast - TRIBAL CONFLICT AND MASTERY


  • Thursday, November 03, 2011
  • 8:00 AM - 9:59 AM
  • John Jay College of Criminal Justice: 899 Tenth Avenue (at West 59th Street), Room 630, NYC


  • The event is free and open to anyone interested in the topic. Please register in order to attend.

Registration is closed

The Association for Conflict Resolution
of Greater New York


The CUNY Dispute Resolution Consortium
at John Jay College



Monthly NYC-DR Roundtable Breakfast

Tribal Conflict Mastery is a set of leadership principles and practices for Conflict, ADR and Peace-Making pros who want to deepen and improve their conflict work and business. It’s about being clear with WHO you are here to serve - what they really NEED - and what you actually HAVE that answers that need in

compelling and practical fashion - time and time again.


Tribal Conflict Mastery helps conflict, ADR and peace-making pros get out of the box of “this or that kind of mediation” and into the field of “being in service to people involved in difficult and costly conflict.”


Tribal Conflict Mastery works in any context - business and organizational boardrooms, families, the street, leadership suites, non-profit organizations, courts, faith centers and communities. Wherever the conflict work is - it’s about sharpening our personal and professional practices. It’s a universal way of

thinking and relating with conflict and conflicted situations.


James promises an exploration into our shared experience and learnings. His presentation will be facilitative, creative and focused on deepening our individual and collective understanding of conflict and how we relate and work with it. He invites anyone to attend and says that "This is about about breaking down boundaries and separations. Bring your best gifts and questions!"


James Kornbluh has been at the forefront of creative responses to conflict in New York City and beyond for more than 20 years. He has successfully transformed conflicts in workplaces, boards, teams, intimate relationships, communities and whole systems – he is a specialist in shifting the intractable conflicts associated with religious, racial, political, cultural, gender and political differences – he has trained hundreds of mediators, conflict professionals, peace-makers, executive leaders,

lawyers, justice practitioners and youth. James’ conflict education began in 1984 when he started traveling to - and working in – war zones in Central America and the Middle East. He then went to law school to study Mediation and ADR and graduated from Cardozo Law School in 1993. He taught at the Cardozo Mediation Clinic between 1994 and 2009 while he developed his craft in diverse settings and dynamics. From 1993 to 1997 James worked designing and implementing conflict resolution and violence prevention programs in NYC schools and communities. During this time he also formed an independent consultancy to focus on organizational conflict and change. Between 1995 and 2002 James was the Director of Mediation Programs at the Center for Court Innovation. During this time, James served as executive leader, trainer, mediator, coach and advisor for all mediation and facilitative justice initiatives in the CCI network of Community Justice Centers, Courts and Technical Assistance projects. He is particularly proud of his work in Crown Heights - post-riots - in support of the Crown Heights Coalition and the birth of the Crown Heights Mediation Center. Since 2002 James has worked as an independent consultant, coach and adviser to leaders in business, government and social enterprise. In 2011 James founded the Inspired Leaders Project. He and his team of collaborators support and develop principled leaders in all walks of life. They provide coaching, mentoring, facilitation, inspiration, training and retreat that uses the crucible of conflict as the doorway to more creative, purposeful and powerful leadership.


Tribal Conflict Mastery is James’ fledgling gift to Conflict, ADR and Peace-Making Pros.

Association for Conflict Resolution - Greater New York Chapter


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