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Annual Conference

The Association for Conflict Resolution | Greater New York is committed to advancing the field of ADR by providing programming on current topics impacting the field of conflict resolution. Throughout the year, we work to provide members of the ADR community with exciting programming and opportunities to grow in their profession. We solicit a call for proposals from our membership and beyond to come and share with us their experience, expertise, and insight.

Our annual conference showcases hot topics and leaders in the field while providing hundreds of professionals the opportunity to convene, network, and learn from one another. More

Mediation Settlement Day

Originating in 2001, Mediation Settlement Day (MSD) is an annual event held in October dedicated to celebrating the field of conflict resolution and the resources available to the Greater New York community. Begun in the wake of September 11th with the goal of unifying the alternative dispute resolution community, MSD has evolved solely through volunteer-led efforts. ACR-GNY has been managing Mediation Settlement Day since 2018 and is enthusiastic about advancing the connection between the alternative dispute resolution profession and the community. Mediation Settlement Day is a free annual event hosted by ACR-GNY that celebrates the importance and value of conflict resolution for the Greater New York community. More

  • Stay tuned for more information on the next Mediation Settlement Day

Annual Meeting and Elections

Our Annual Meeting is held in January and serves our membership by giving an overview of accomplishments from the past year and goals for the new year.  Elections for nominees to the Board of Directors are likewise held during the proceedings. More

  • Stay tuned for more information on the next Annual Meeting
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