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ACR-GNY is overseen by a diverse Board of Directors representing different sectors within the domain of conflict resolution. The Board volunteers their time to collaborate with community members to build impactful programming for the field. Additionally, the board works closely to improve the organization's impact and reach.

Current Board of Directors & Board Members at Large

Executive Board (Officers)

  • President: Emily Skinner, PhD
  • President-Elect: Nick Pozek
  • Vice President of Membership: Ingrid Scholze
  • Treasurer: Craig Coldstream

Board Members at Large

  • Denise Colón
  • Nesha Rosado Dripchak
  • Noah Hanft
  • Krysta Hartley
  • Borislava Manojlovic
  • Shai Naides
  • Kjerstin Pugh
  • Rebecca Liebowitz Rothman
  • Melody Wang


Elise Brancheau, Director of Operations

Past Presidents and Board Members

Please note our distinguished list of past ACR-GNY Presidents and Board Members

  • Beth Fisher-Yoshida
  • Lauren Jones
  • Rekha Rangachari
  • Glen Parker, *Past President
  • Genesis Fisher, *Past President
  • Christine Daly
  • Anthony Yost
  • Salman Ravala
  • Niki Borofsky
  • Catherine Grace Hannibal
  • Sethu Laxmi Nair
  • Melissa Appleton
  • Ken Andrichik
  • James Berger
  • Dominick Brancato, *Past President
  • Theo Cheng
  • Aldo Civico
  • Vijaya Claxton
  • Elizabeth Clemants, *Past President
  • Lisa Grace Cohen
  • Robert Davidson
  • Gail Davis
  • Alexandra Dosman
  • Ivan Deadrick
  • Louise Dembeck, *Past President
  • Julie Denny, *Past President
  • Todd Drucker, *Past President
  • Mary Jo Eyster
  • Tara Fishler, *Past President
  • Mary Keller Forsyth
  • Andrew Gerber
  • Timothy Germany
  • Marti Granizo-O’Hare
  • Elayne Greenberg
  • Lisa Hicks
  • Catherine Irwin
  • Gene Johnson
  • Elizabeth Luk
  • Richard Lutringer
  • Ewan Malcolm
  • Debbie Masucci
  • Charles "Chuck" Newman
  • Ken Neumann
  • Brian Rauer
  • Reinaldo Rivera
  • Fred Salek
  • Eunice Salton
  • Frank Scardelli, Honorary Lifetime Director
  • Elizabeth Shampnoi
  • Denise Shaw, *Past President
  • Jesan Sorrells
  • Sheila M. Sproule, *Past President
  • Karen van Ingen
  • Maria Volpe
  • Chris Watler
  • Steven A. Yadegari, *Past President
  • Alex Yaroslavsky
Association for Conflict Resolution - Greater New York Chapter


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