ACR-GNY Committees

ACR-GNY has a number of committees to promote the work of our organizations.  We encourage all members to participate in our organization by volunteering for one of the committees below:

Annual Conference Committee

Todd Drucker, Glen Parker, and Denise Shaw, Co-Chairs

Plan ACR-GNY's Annual June Conference. Conference features speakers, workshops, the presentation of the ADR Achievement Award luncheon, a book table, and ample opportunity for networking. It serves also as a fundraiser for the organization. Conference planning includes choosing a theme, recruiting presenters and the keynote speaker, marketing the event and organizing logistics for the site, food and materials.

City Committee

Eric Goldman, Chair

Explore the ways in which the New York City government can increase their use ADR processes in resolving conflict and day-to-day administration. 

Communication Committee

Increase and improve the communication within our organization using the latest in web media. Committee functions may also include exploring and establishing electronic communication tools for the ACRGNY membership, as well as posting information about the activities of ACR-GNY for members and the public. We need volunteers who are proficient in audio & video production: recording, editing, etc.

Development Committee

Eric Goldman, Chair

Develop and implement a plan for raising the funds required for the maintenance and growth of ACR-GNY and its mission. Members of this committee should identify and cultivate donors; collect donations, apply for grants and sponsorships; create and promote fund-raising opportunities or events, especially in connection with the ACR-GNY Annual Conference, including soliciting advertising in ACR-GNY's Newsletter and Conference program.

Diversity & Youth Committee

Create quality programs that will encourage young people interested in the field of conflict resolution to become actively involved in ACR-GNY. The committee should develop programs that focus on ADR initiatives and issues pertaining to youth and youth development. Some programs should enable youth and adults to interact and learn from each other. Some activities should generate interest and funding to send youth the annual International ACR Conference.

Legislative Affairs Committee

Maintaining a liaison with key influences and decision makers in City and State government, as well as monitor developments in federal and state legislation that may have an impact on ADR, including arbitration and mediation. Email:

Membership Committee

Cultivate and recruit new members; encourage active involvement and participation in the organization; maintain a database of current members information and interests; respond to inquiries from prospective and current members; and serve as liaison between the chapter and its members.

Nominating Committee

Sheila Sproule, Chair

Ensure board vacancies are filled in a timely manner. Identify candidates for the Board of Directors; create and follow through the nominations process; and conduct the annual elections for Board members; The immediate Past President of ACR-GNY is responsible for forming and chairing this committee.

Program Committee

Dana Berman, Chair

Develop and implement programs and special events throughout the year for ACR-GNY. Programs may include speakers, panel discussions, workshops, training opportunities, book signings and other events for the purpose of professional development and public education. These events should provide opportunities for networking and foster alliances with other organizations.

Public Relations Committee

Create and implement a public relations plan including wide communication of ACR GNY programs and events, preparation of marketing materials; advocating for the use of ADR and serving as liaison with the media, other ADR organizations and the public to educate the greater New York community about ADR.


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