Throughout the year we work to provide members of the ADR community free programming and opportunities to grow in their profession. Perhaps the greatest value we provide is our annual conference, where we showcase hot topics and leaders in the field while giving hundreds of professionals an opportunity to convene, network, and learn from one another.

Next year's conference will continue this tradition while emphasizing what might be our field's most valuable offering: seeing the value of diverse perspectives and providing ways for them reconcile, synergize, or at least co-exist. Perhaps more than ever, we are being challenged as professionals and citizens to harmonize where there's dissonance, connect where there are walls, and supplement personal experience with empathy for others.

And so, our work is more relevant than ever. 

Our theme, Beyond the Echo Chamber, is an invitation for all of us to grow in the direction of difference, inclusion and opportunity. It is also a call for us as a profession to seize this moment and foster greater connection in the areas of society that could use our expertise. For this conference especially, we are seeking to connect to new referral sources and end-users. 


We need your help! Seeking a few members to help plan, organize, and execute the conference. It's an fun way to get involved and get to know fellow conflict resolution practitioners. If you are interested in being a part of this year's conference team, please reach out to us:

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